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Teaching tools Mobilizing the Green Imagination

Sample Syllabi and Exercises

My Environmental Visions course has several versions. The main, regular-term, campus version is the survey of visionary alternatives described "In the Curriculum". Click Syllabus 1.

For the January Term, travel version of “Visions”. Click Syllabus 2.

My “Millennial Imagination” syllabus is here. Click Syllabus 4.

Martin Fowler’s syllabus for “To Boldly Belong: Environmental Stewardship and Space Exploration” is here. Click Syllabus 3.

Professor Fowler has also graciously shared some sample exercises from his “Animal Captivity” course [Click Exercise 2, 3, or 4 ] that bear most directly on Mobilizing’s chapter 7 (“Fellowship with Animals”) but that also exemplify, more broadly, and energetic and engaged style type of student assignment that, in my view as well, fit especially naturally with this material.

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