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This is a lightly annotated list of some  of my favorite links for green imagineers. Just a sampling! Some of these are also included in the Chapter Notes at the end of the book, but many other links in the Notes are more like supporting citations for claims made in the text. This list is more for explorers out at the leading edges of green dreaming -- meant to provoke and intrigue. Let us know what you think, and please do contribute your own favorite links as well. 

In general, there are all sorts of ideas out there, and all sorts of places  -- as adventurous as you want -- that want to hear about and even support yours.


   Global Ideas Bank

   Buckminster Fuller Challenge

   Utopian World Championships

  Ashoka Changeshops


   Bruce Mau Design

   Inhabitat (under the motto "Design will save the world")

   Design for [with?] the other 90%

Transforming cities

   Transition Towns
        For US efforts in this direction, see

   The New Urbanism

   Resilient suburbia

   Vertical forests

   Car-Free Net


   William McDonough and Michael Braungart's Cradle to Cradle paradigm. There are many good links to their work

   online: here is one.

   Compostmodernism – finally a form of postmodernism to get behind!

        See for example Adele Peters, Heirloom Design

Making change

   Improv everywhere: "we cause scenes" -- this has possibilities!

   Culture jamming

   Hope: Howard Zinn's words of encouragement

New social forms

   Ecosteries: ecological monasteries

   Bioregionalism afoot

   Dolores LaChapelle, "Ritual is Essential"

   Earthlinks: Connecting People-at-risk with Earth-at-risk

   Forest kindergartens (and why stop there?)

Humans and other animals

   Cultured meat: the latest

   Jamming with orcas

Long views

   Stewart Brand's "Clock of the Long Now" is being built:
        Follow links to other attention-lengthening projects from this page.

   Joanna Macy and the Nuclear Guardianship Project

    Curt Stager's book Deep Future: The Next 100,000 Years  – a useful shift of perspective

Toward a cosmic environmentalism

   For the latest on extra-solar planets, start with

   A conventional green case for space exploration:

   On solar sailing, see the excellent Wikipedia page at

   SETI and dolphins

   Cultures of the Imagination -- with extraterrestrials!

         I took part in COTI 2012. We were assigned a star system, focused from there on a life-generating planet (actually

         moon), and evolved a promising critter and eventually a space-faring civilization. One of my self-assigned tasks was to

         write up the result as an epic poem. If you're interested, check out "Graxes Rock" here.

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