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Dysfunctional cities, catastrophic climate change, ever-deepening distance from nature - today we see environmental disaster everywhere we look. In Mobilizing the Green Imagination, philosophical provocateur Anthony Weston urges us to move beyond ever more desperate attempts to "green" the status quo, toward entirely different and far more inviting ecological visions:

   - Life after transportation - decentralized work, inventive infill and

          self-sufficient micro-communities to facilitate life in place

  - Adaptation with attitude - cities that welcome the rising waters
A Great Second Chance - moving beyond exploitation of the whole

          natural world
  - A
 cosmic ecology - why not a green space program?

These postcards from beyond the leading edge of today's green thinking are bold, audacious, extravagantly hopeful and profoundly inspiring - the perfect antidote to the despair brought on by too many "doom and gloom" scenarios. Nothing less than a complete reinvention of contemporary environmentalism, Mobilizing the Green Imagination belongs in the back pocket of anyone who dares to dream of a brighter future and a better world.

Mobilizing the Green Imagination book cover

Copyright 2012. Mobilizing the Green Imagination.

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